About Us

The Mitchell Group founded more than 65 years ago, is a leading cosmeceutical company providing high quality and safe beauty innovations. We take pride in our products and the communities we serve.

Our philosophy is simple - all shades are beautiful.

Mitchell Group products target skin discoloration such as dark spots, dull skin, acne spots, uneven skin tone, dark circles, hyperpigmentation and hormonal discoloration. We condemn any form of discrimination and do not condone the use of our products to appear “whiter”.

Our entire product line has been clinically tested and follows United States FDA, Health Canada and EU Cosmetic Regulations, India FDA, Ghana FDA and Nigeria FDA regulations. The Mitchell Group is headquartered in Miami, FL and has offices in the United Kingdom and Mumbai, India. We distribute Fair & White, named after the last names of its two founders, a skin lightening product intended to correct dark spots, dark circles and hormonal discoloration, and the Yelen brands, which specializes in skin brightening. 

We have laboratories in the United States, Switzerland and France that continuously deliver cutting-edge formulas which are rigorously tested in clinical and laboratory trials to ensure product effectiveness and safety.

We take the safety of our products very seriously; we do not condone any misuse. Counterfeit producers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.