Organic Extract Of Lavender Sugar Body Scrub 230ml

  • AED 110.00
  • AED 150.00

Our Lavender Sugar Body Scrub is Formulated With All-Natural Ingredients Like Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, & Lavender Oil. The Perfect Blend Of Deeply Hydrating Natural Oils Creates a Silky, Nourishing Scrub, Combined With Sugar. The Gentle Blend Helps Buff Away Dead Skin Cells & Reveals Radiant Smooth Skin, While its Scent Relaxes & Soothes the Senses.

Directions: Gently Rub It on your Skin In Circular Motions. Scrub York Skin Gently for no Longer than 30 seconds & Rinse with Warm Water. 

Warnings: For External Use Only.